Outsourcing both staff and associated management component translates into higher productivity, freeing of valuable time to allow you to focus on your core business, cushioning from fluctuating operational demands and considerable financial gains from reduced staffing costs.

ATL Global staff outsourcing division has packages tailored to suit your specific needs, especially taking into account the nature of the contract, the categories and levels of staff required, and the degree of management, administrative processes and technology required. 

Other benefits associated ATL Global staff outsourcing solutions include:

  • Competitive pricing structures
  • Continuity of staff supply 
  • Predetermined service levels
  • Dedicated contract supervision
  • Payroll management
  • Statutory benefit payments
  • Bargaining council obligations.

ATL Global has the capacity to handle contracts of any size and nature. We serve a diverse mix of disciplines and economic sectors.

Payroll Management

ATL Global takes away your payroll management headaches in a flash. We also institute faster, easier payroll management that unlocks insights, improves compliance, and drives toward comprehensive human capital management.

By using payroll data to improve/enhance other divisions of your business, you benefit from new insights and easier compliance – and thus elevate your human capital management to a higher level.

Added benefits include:

  • Preparedness to possible changes in Health Care legislation
  • Unirivaled Expertise in employment-related tax and payment compliance matters
  • Vast reductions in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration
  • Access to multiple payroll payment solutions options for paying your employees which offer convenience, cost savings and security.
  • Better management of your business cash flow 

ATL Global’s Payroll Solution offers basic payroll outsourcing services, Salaries/wages processing, Direct deposits, Payment of statutory levies and taxes, Preparation and printing of selected payroll reports, and Payment of third party vendors such as provident funds and medical aid administrators

 Our aim is not only to provide flexible and efficient services, but also to help you find ways to cut your payroll processing costs.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a strategic priority. Companies recognize that leadership is about more than just steering the business. It’s about nurturing, energizing, and challenging the people who help make it run, and who keep it competitive. 

To sustain success, a company needs leaders who care about and invest in their people. These companies understand that building a talent pipeline should extend beyond successors to top management to include everyone whose contributions are essential to the company’s future. 

Transitions are difficult, especially among senior-level leaders. What an organisation needs in the next six months and beyond may be drastically different from what was required in the last quarter. Savvy organisations instinctively look within for future leaders, investing resources to effectively engage and prepare today’s employees for tomorrow’s priorities.

ATL Global Succession Planning Identifies Leaders and Advances Your Best Internal Candidates by:

  • Determining key roles essential to business success
  • Defining required competencies for future roles
  • Identifing suitable internal candidates using assessment tools to evaluate skills, behaviours and potential
  • Objectively matching employee strengths to potential roles
  • Preparing staff to transition to key roles as opportunities arise
  • Equipping high-potential employees to manage progressively advanced responsibilities
  • Acceleratinge ramp-up to full productivity with internal vs. external hires
  • Reduce risk of derailment by preparing proven internal talent well in advance of transition
  • Don’t Look in the Rear-view Mirror to Make Your Next Succession Decision 

Organisations often replace successful senior leaders by assuming that what worked in the past will work in the future. Effective Succession Planning ensures that new leaders are selected based on the needs of the future organisation. With clear paths to pursue opportunities, top talent will remain committed to contributing to your business success.

Trust ATL Global to formulate and implement a succession plan that will steer your organisation triumphantly into the future with clear strategies, insights and formulas to ensure your company’s longevity.

Performance management

ATL Global’s performance management solution streamlines all your recruiting and sourcing efforts. Our recruiters find the right candidates and manage them throughout the entire talent lifecycle. Our extensive expertise in performance benchmarking Native integration with our Performance and Learning modules allows you to truly measure “Quality of Hire” across your talent ecosystem. Host a corporate site, an employee referral site, Internal Mobility and more.

Any or all of your sourcing efforts can be managed through one system—making administration a breeze. Your organization gains a strategic talent advantage through process automation, talent analytics and the latest creative sourcing options to more effectively find candidates, manage positions and measure results.

  • Performance management solutions traverse 
  • planning work and setting expectations
  • continous monitoring performance
  • capacity development for performance
  • periodical performance rating
  • rewarding good performance

Strategy Formulation

For nearly all businesses the competitive landscape is changing. External rules and regulations are changing. New competitors are entering the market with the same or different products. Suppliers are changing as well. Perhaps most important, the company itself is changing in size, sophistication and management style.

In such a situation even the best-run company can suffer from an off-point strategy; what worked well in the past is no longer producing impressive results.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation Consulting Services from ATL Global help top management define a strategic vision that is anchored in the organization’s values and beliefs and owned by its leadership. Our competitive advantage comes from using a rigorous, facilitative, analytic process to help companies explore and assess strategic options  then  implement them flawlessly.  

ATL Global’s strategy formulation and implementation uses a comprehensive Strategy Model that provides a framework for all types of strategy initiatives. It can be entered at any phase, depending on the organization's need. Our strategy experts are available to audit and diagnose the strategic health of organizations in each of the key phases, identifying areas of greatest need and opportunity.

The ATL Strategy Model has achieved tremendous results in a broad range of industries to increase productivity, make sound financial decisions, and embed strategic decision-making capability at the senior leadership level.

Compensation and Reward

This outsourcing solution covers the various forms of direct compensation—i.e. employee’s pay including variable pay, short and long term incentives, company stock awards, as well as promotions and pay increases. It also deals with indirect compensation such as paid leave, insurance, retirement income and various employee services, commonly referred to as “benefits” that employers use to attract, recognize, retain and motivate employees to contribute to the organization’s strategic objectives.

The Compensation and Reward solution includes designing and administering compensation philosophy, strategy and systems, compensation benchmarking, executive compensation and other competency or function based compensation practices. In addition, it explores flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting and flextime that employees may perceive as benefits and covers the mechanism of rewards which encourage superior performance from employees, like sales incentives. 

ATL’s Compensation and Reward solutions also delve indepth in matters that focus on compensation-related careers, communication, legal and regulatory issues, technology, metrics and outsourcing, as well as effective compensation practices and global compensation issues.