Marketing/ Events Management

Marketing is no longer the boring little back office it used be, saddled with over-enthusiastic and badly dressed salesmen. It has evolved into an art form that traverses a wide range of media, constantly evolving, constantly mutating, constantly progressing.

With the right strategy and idea, ATL Global can give your brand the positive exposure it deserves ensuring you get maximum bang for your buck.

Our HR/Recruiting division ensures that you get the best qualified individuals for both strategy planning, idea development and event management. With the right strategy and personnel, your brand is guaranteed maximum positive exposure. Your events and experiential marketing endeavors are guaranteed optimal results.

Under marketing and events management, we work with clients to ensure that:

  • we craft bullet-proof marketing strategies
  • we develop unique and memorable experiential marketing concepts
  • we source for the most reliable events/marketing personnel
  • we catalogue/record our experiences, both as a memoir and as a database of learning experiences
  • your brand gets the maximum exposure affordably with the most impressive Marketing ROI (return on investment) in the region.