Skills Training Programs

ATL Global’s Skills Training Programs aim to help Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) update their skills, knowledge and expertise so that they can remain competitive, productive and employable.

Our programs will help your workforce achieve the following:

  • Skills-Deepening in industry and occupational-specific skills
  • Skills-Broadening in knowledge and skills in various aspects of business operations
  • Skills Refreshing on the latest trends and developments in their industries
  • Developing a Talent Pool to form a leadership core for different industries

Our course offering vary in depth and breadth ranging from:

Courses leading to Qualifications:
These are longer courses that cover a comprehensive range of knowledge and skill sets, and lead to a full-skills qualification.

Modular Courses:
These programmes are typically identified in collaboration with industry partners to help address knowledge and capability gaps in our PMEs. 

These are typically 1-2 day bootcamps on specific topics/industries/ skill levels